What is Safer Gambling Week?

Safer Gambling Week 2021 runs from 1st - 7th November and is a campaign led by the gambling industry that aims to create a conversation with customers, staff and the wider public about safer gambling, driving awareness of:

  • how to gamble more safely;
  • the tools that are available to help people gamble safely all year round;
  • sources of more advice and support.

The whole of the UK and Irish gambling industry – amusement arcades, bingo clubs, bookmakers, casinos and online – has come together to support Safer Gambling Week.

What is happening during Safer Gambling Week?

Venues and websites provide information on safer gambling throughout the year, with a range of different tools and options to help manage play. During SG Week, teams will be even more visible - using SG Week material and information about safer gambling and where to find further advice and support: all supporting venues and online sites have information. 

A range of promotional material with key information has been made available to all supporting organisations: these materials cover some or all of the following:

  • ask questions about gambling behaviour
  • highlight five key behaviours of safer gambling
  • provide details of where and how to obtain further information and help if needed
  • promote the Safer Gambling Week website and social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all @SGWeek21

Gambling venues will be promoting Safer Gambling Week, immediately prior to and during the Week. You’ll find posters, leaflets and banners in venues and online to encourage conversations about safer gambling.

  • some venues are undertaking special events during the week.
  • online gambling websites will also be promoting the week with banner ads and pop-ups.
  • both land and online organisations will be promoting the week on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • supporting organisations, such as Facebook, will also be supporting the week and promoting key messages and materials.
  • key support organisations like the National Gambling Helpline, GamCare and YGam will also be promoting the week and preparing for increased numbers of enquiries due to the national campaign.

Staff working at gambling venues and online will continue to be points of contact for their customers who would like to know more about safer gambling or seek support if they are concerned about their gambling.

Workshops and Training Sessions

Leading charities providing help and support around gambling, GamCare and YGAM, are also running workshops and training sessions throughout SG Week, particularly focused on parents and those working with young people: teachers, youth workers and health professionals. These sessions will provide information which can help young people understand the risks associated with gambling, the choices they can make to gamble responsibly and what tools are available to help them manage their behaviour.

To find out more about these workshops and training sessions click here.