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Safer Gambling Week

Safer Gambling Week is an annual campaign to promote safer gambling across the UK and Ireland with the support of a wide range of partners.

Remember... Gambling is not a way to make money
Remember... It's good to set yourself limits
Remember... Friends & family are more important than gambling
Remember... It's good to take a break
Ask yourself... Are you past your spending limit?
Play smart... Don't chase your losses

Safer Gambling Week

This annual event aims to stimulate conversations around safer gambling and drive awareness of:

  • How to approach gambling more safely – questions to ask and behaviours to consider
  • The tools that are available to help you gamble more safely all year round
  • Sources of further advice and support

It is a cross-sector initiative. It sees the whole of the UK and Irish licensed gambling industry - bookmakers, amusement arcades, bingo clubs, bookmakers, casinos and online gaming operators - come together with the support of gambling charities, youth associations, and other interested parties to get everyone talking about safer gambling and raise awareness of where further information is available for those who need it.

Venues and websites provide information on safer gambling all year round. During Safer Gambling Week, you can expect to see a concerted campaign to make this information even more visible in an effort to raise awareness.

Safer Gambling Week material, including key safer gambling messages and information, will be displayed both in-venue and online. You’ll see coverage of the campaign in the news, on social media and partner websites. Training and events are organised by gambling businesses and leading charities such as GamCare and YGAM.

The objective is to stimulate nation-wide conversations about safer gambling, giving people the information they need to gamble more safely, as well as directing those who need further advice and support to the right point of contact.

While the campaign focuses on a week of events, promotion and training, the commitment to safer gambling is all year round. It happens all day, every day with a wide range of safer gambling apps, tools, initiatives and campaigns from operators, sector groups, interest groups and charities.

Safer Gambling

Safer gambling describes an industry-wide commitment to reducing the risk of problem gambling and gambling-related harms.

A core feature of this commitment is to empower customers with the knowledge of safer gambling tools to manage their gambling more safely.

The licensed gambling industry is regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK.

The industry – which includes betting and gaming, amusements and games machines, casinos, and bingo - is committed to building upon its record on safer gambling to go further to support customers.

Safer Gambling Week is just one of the ways we work together to do this.

How the Gambling Industry Promotes Safer Gambling

Gambling Helplines
GB 0808 8020 133
IRL 1800 936 725
NI 08000 886 725