Industry Commitments
Safer Gambling

Licensed gambling operators in the UK and Ireland provide information and support to empower customers and players every day of every year.

Each sector tailors its approach but all share an overriding commitment to safer gambling.

The industry bodies of each sector - casinos, bookmakers, online, bingo and amusement and games machines - champion high standards and each publish a code of conduct for members.

Industry Bodies for Licenced Gambling

Industry Bodies for Licenced Gambling

The industry bodies for licensed gambling in the UK and Ireland are:

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)

For licenced bookmakers, casinos, online (or remote) betting, gaming and bingo.

Find out about the BGC commitments

BACTA - The Amusement and Games Machine Association

For licensed amusement and games machines

Find out about the BACTA commitments

The Bingo Association (BA)

For licensed bingo operators

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