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Resources for children and young people

There are lots of resources list below for children and young people, including films, digital activities, awareness workshops, website hubs, training and lesson materials.

They have been developed by subject specialists and are free to use. We hope you find them useful.

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Talking to children and young people about safer gambling

The Gambling Commission offers advice on how to talk to children and young people about gambling and tips for parents for safer gaming.

YGAM has also published an article about how to chat with your children about gambling, and the GamCare BigDeal website has a free download about how to talk to a young person about gambling.

Resources for Parents & Carers

GambleAware & Parent Zone

GambleAware has teamed up with Parent Zone, a social enterprise that aims to improve outcomes for children in a digital world.

Together, they help families understand the risks children may encounter and offer simple practical ways to keep gaming fun and make it safer via a free Know the Stakes resource pack.

They have also produced a free film called Gambling or Gaming: Does your Child Know the Difference? These resources offer advice and tips on how to keep gaming fun and safer for children and young people.

Parent Zone

Parent Zone offers digital advice, activities and ideas for parents including a great Aardman Animations animated online safety adventure.

GambleAware and Fast Forward

As part of the Scottish Gambling Education Hub, delivered by Fast Forward in partnership with GambleAware, a free leaflet is available for parents and carers providing advice around young people and gambling.

YGAM Educational Resources for Parents

Information and resources for parents help safeguard their children from harms associated with gambling and gaming. YGAM's Parent Hub website offers expert guidance, practical tips, interactive activities and advice to help families understand the risks and manage their children's safety online. The website includes insights and content from leading academics, parents and teachers.

YGAM also offers free awareness workshops for parents and foster carers on the topics of gaming and gambling.


The GamCare BigDeal website is a place for young people to find information and support related to gambling, either for themselves or for someone they care about. It has a parents and professionals hub which offers lots of information and advice.

Resources for Schools, Youth Workers, Colleges and Universities

GamCare and YGAM Youth Outreach Programme

Information and resources for young people, including free training and workshops for young people aged 11-19, and a free 30 minute e-learning course for young people.


GambleAware has produced comprehensive materials for teachers and youth workers to help young people better understand the risks of gambling.

Materials include:

  • How to Address Gambling through PHSE Education
  • Podcast: Reducing the Odds of Gambling Harm through PHSE
  • Gambling: A Teaching Resource to Promote Resilience
  • KS2 Lesson Packs: Exploring risk in relation to gambling
  • Welsh Gambling Education Guidance: Demos and the PHSE Association
  • Welsh Gambling Education Lesson Slides: Demon and the PHSE Association
  • Gambling Education Toolkit: Fast Forwards (Scottish Youth Education Charity)

All these resources are available to download from the Education and Youth page of Gamble Aware.

GambleAware has also teamed up with ParentZone to help professionals learn about the gambling-like risks children may face when playing online – and simple practical ways to keep gaming fun and make it safer.

Schools and organisations can download free resource packs called Gaming or Gambling? or Know the Stakes.

YGAM Educational Resources for Teachers and Youth Workers

YGAM offers City and Guilds Assured CPD training and resources for educational professionals and youth workers. The evidence-led content is mapped to the latest curriculum and provides full Schemes of Work from Key Stage 2 through to Key Stage 5. You can book onto the free training here.

YGAM Educational Resources for University Staff and Students

YGAM offers City and Guilds Assured training and resources for university staff to help support and safeguard students against gaming and gambling harms.

YGAM also has a Student Hub website which provides university students with lots of expert information, advice and signposting to help them enjoy their university experience free from gambling harms.

YGAM Educational Resources for Health Professionals

YGAM offers training and resources which equip health professionals with the knowledge and understanding required to identify, support and refer children and young people who are experiencing harms related to gambling and gambling. You can book onto the free training here.


The GamCare Big Deal website has a section for professionals with lots of information and factsheets about gambling and young people.

GamCare offers a workshop for universities on Gambling Identification and Brief Advice.


ParentZone offers a free Be Internet Legends curriculum for 7-11 year olds, developed in association with Google.

How is the gambling industry safeguarding children and young people?

The gambling industry is committed to safeguarding young people by preventing underage gambling.

It safeguards young people through initiatives such as:

  • £10M from the betting and gaming industry to fund a gambling harm prevention programme for young people delivered by GamCare and YGAM
  • New age and verification checks
  • Tighter controls on advertising and sponsorship

In addition, work is currently underway to:

  • Work with the financial services industry to block gambling transactions on accounts held by under-18s.
  • Work with advertising bodies to explore advertising technology (AdTech) to prevent under-18s from seeing gambling adverts online.
  • Work with the financial services industry to block gambling transactions on accounts held by under-18s.
  • Continue to develop policies aimed at 18-24s such as those already developed around AdTech and high-value customers.
Gambling Helplines
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