Gambling Icons


What do they mean?

Gambling venues, online sites, mobile apps and leaflets all display a wide range of icons, which cover a sometimes bewildering range of subjects, from age restriction and payment partners to licensing authorities and regulatory bodies.

Below we have tried to cover some of the more commonly found icons and explain what they represent and what they mean. It is important that the company you are deciding to gamble with is properly and appropriately regulated, to ensure that you are treated fairly and that the money you place with them is safe.


The Gambling Commission:
The Commission license and regulate the people and businesses that provide gambling in Great Britain, including the National Lottery. Every licensed business, including online, that is licensed by the Commission will have a license number: most online operators display this at the bottom of their home page or provide a link to it.  You can then check the number against a published list of license holders available on the Commission's website:  The Gambling Commission

There are a specific number of locations around the world where business may be located and licensed and still permitted to offer their products to UK based customers. These include areas

Licensing authorities:
The Isle of Man







The ones to look out for include the Gambling Commission logo, which shows that the site is legally allowed to provide gambling activities in the UK, GAMSTOP (the self-exclusion scheme for online gambling sites), and a link to, which offers more information on how to stay safe when gambling.

You may also see a logo that says ‘GamCare Certified’ or ‘Safer Gambling Standard’. These related to an accreditation offered by GamCare, the national charity working to minimise gambling-related harm and to support those who are affected. The Safer Gambling Standard is the new quality standard for licensed gambling companies offered by GamCare (replacing GamCare Certification from December 2018 onwards). 

Any company who have achieved the Safer Gambling Standard has been through a rigorous assessment which looks at all areas of their business to really understand how they work to keep their players safe. This process involves a review of a gambling company’s policies and procedures, interviews with staff, website reviews and premises visits (if applicable). The areas GamCare examine include corporate governance, the specific measures in place to protect young people, the way a business interacts with their customers around responsible gambling and how responsible their advertising is – including on social media.

As more gambling companies complete the Safer Gambling Standard, customers will have access to more information about how well each company has demonstrated their commitment to protecting their players. For more information on the Safer Gambling Standard, click here >>