Opening the door to safer gambling

Opening the door to safer gambling messages: Distinction Doors pledge their support for RG Week 2019

Distinction Doors started life back in 1979: Drew Wright started a career in the fenestration industry distributing window hardware, before later travelling to Malaysia to set up a PVC-u window company.

Whilst in Malaysia Drew discovered Nan Ya Plastic Corporation, which is how the opportunity to bring GRP composite doors (a door that looks like timber but has superior performance) to the UK arose.

1999 saw the first ever Distinction Door land on British shores, in 2004 Distinction Doors was formed and to date over 4 million Distinction Doors have been installed in UK.

Distinction Doors, based in Barnsley, takes the welfare of its employees seriously. As part of their on-going commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees, over the last three years they have introduced a range of interventions which have had measurable impact and been sustained in the long term.

The company believes that active interest in the health and wellbeing of its workforce is the right decision, not only ethically but also in regard to productivity and reputation: with recent stories of poor working conditions in sports stores and online retail giants, the health and wellbeing of staff has reputational implications and is a principle that differentiates the great companies from the merely good.

Distinction Doors is proud to have achieved the B Well @Work Silver Award and is committed to working together with all employees to maintain a culture of value and respect and to support employees with their health and wellbeing.

Milan Tomic is one the Health & Wellbeing Champions at Distinction Doors, there to provide help and guidance for those that are having difficulties either in or outside of work: this can range from a sympathetic ear, signposting the way to the correct help that they require. Throughout the year he and other colleagues run multiple 'campaigns' highlighting different issues that are either apparent within the workplace or broader current society: having seen a large percentage of workers use online gambling apps on their phones during their breaks Milan identified Gambling Awareness and an appropriate and relevant campaign.

"We have noticed a rising trend in online gambling throughout our workplace and we wish to highlight the potential dangers that coudl befall our workforce. Whilst searching for relevant resources to help promote Gambling Awareness, I came across the Safer Gambling UK website and Safer Gambling Week and felt that it covered and provided everything we needed to promote and provide visibility to all our 150+ employees" said Milan.

"We will be using RG Week posters and messages throughout the site and look forward to tying this Awareness campaign into our weekly drop in clinics where staff have the opportunity to come and see us and discuss any issues they have within a confidential forum."

Distinction Doors: