Safer Gambling

Safer Gambling - Sharing tips and tools on safer gambling in the land of Lotto

As the name suggests, Lottoland focuses on lotteries around the world, participation in and the outcomes of: a supporter of Safer Gambling Week and a firm believer in embedding safer gambling principles and information in its business for both staff and customers. Player Safety Manager Phil Manwaring shared his thoughts with us.

We know our customers and we know that the majority of them enjoy their gambling in a safe and responsible manner. Our customers trust us to keep them gambling safely which is something we embrace passionately. However, for some people we realise that gambling can cause personal, social, health and/or financial problems.

Lottoland has a responsibility to help our customers gamble in a safe and responsible manner: we are completely committed to doing all that we can to encourage this and to helping those who experience issues with their gambling. For us the key to this is providing information and tools, for both our staff and customers to review behaviour, and information and advice when they need this.

When creating our Safer Gambling page we wanted to show that we are always here to support customers, whether they are winning or losing, and to help them keep control of their gambling activity.

We wanted to be involved in Safer Gambling Week because we understand the importance of safer gambling behaviour, tips, tools and information, and the value of this for both customers and staff. Safer gambling messages are woven into our website and promoted and available every day of the year, but RG Week provides us with a great opportunity to bring this subject centre stage, for both staff and customers, running internal workshop sessions with staff and direct promotion of RG messages to customers. This is done through the website, social media platforms and through direct marketing activity: it provides a great annual focus point for what takes place throughout the year. Lottoland continues to build on our relationship with YGAM.

YGAM CEO, Lee Willows said, "YGAM has a longstanding and impactful relationship with the team from Lottoland, over the years we have worked on a number of safer gambling initiatives which includes YGAM providing authentic, accredited training around safer gambling, social responsibility, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering AML. Together we developed bespoke training material that complimented existing training for Lottoland employees and have worked with their customer service and VIP teams in Gibraltar as well. It is an absolute pleasure working with the team at Lottoland and we are incredibly grateful for their support and trust."

In readiness for RG Week Lottoland carefully planned and held its internal briefing sessions, with the content ensuring that all staff will be able to 'walk away' from the session, feeling confident enough to 'talk away' with customers, friends and family about safer gambling. It is important that all staff understand the importance of player support, and in particular identification, interaction and evaluation.

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