All licensed gambling operators, including remote operators, offer ways to help you keep track of the time and money you are spending gambling.

Set Gambling Time Limits

Gambling Reality Check Timers

Reality check timers allow you to set up on-screen alerts to monitor how long you are spending gambling. Most will allow you to choose how often you see an alert.

Each operator offers a slightly different way to access reality check timers, but they are mostly available via the safer gambling section of the operator’s website.

Gambling Time Trackers

Some gambling websites have a clock to show how long you have been signed in. Keep an eye on the clock and, at regular intervals, take time to think about whether to stop, pause or continue play.

You can also download time tracker apps to monitor how much time you are spending gambling. You can use time trackers apps to set your own time limits.

Set Gambling Deposit Limits

Set Online Gambling Deposit Limits

Deposit limits are a great way to ensure you don't spend more than you want to.

400,000 deposit limits are set every month. Set yours by….

  • Safer Gambling icon Following this symbol to the safer gambling section of the licensed gambling operators website - or searching online for the operator's name and deposit limits.
  • Following the on-screen instructions to set your limits. Your limits are personal to you.

Set Machine Limits

Some fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT) give you the option to set a spending limit for the machine. This means that you won't be able to spend over a certain amount on the machine.

Set Membership Card Limits

If you have a membership card for machine or table play, some operators will allow you to set a deposit limit. If an operator offers this feature, you will be able to find out how to use it from the operator’s membership policy on their website.

Speak to Staff

If you are playing in a physical venue, you can ask a member of staff to explain the limit setting tools available. Safer gambling leaflets in-venue provide further information and advice on safer gambling.

Gambling Helplines
GB 0808 8020 133
IRL 1800 936 725
NI 08000 886 725